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Visualizing English pronunciation with sweepingly fast response.

Trouble in getting your English understood?
Visualize your pronunciation mistakes will be the first step to help you to communicate better.
 Koto developed an assessment engine “SeePhony®” to speedily analyse phonetically your English pronunciation.
Immediate feedback to your articulated vocabulary in phoneme form within only 0.2 second.
The assessment engine for pronunciation is a joint development with Sensory, Inc. in US, a pioneer in acoustic recognition technology.
Using an acoustic model with data sampling from millions of native speakers’ pronunciations, this technology is further fine-tuned for Japanese speakers in accent tendency to visualize instantly their English pronunciation.

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Application example of SeePhony®

Fast delightful response.  Learn through games.
An application visualizing pronunciation mistakes
Hatsuon-Hakase (Free)
Applicable OS: iOS
Japan only
Hatsuon Hakase ® App is updated.
Japanese high school english word list is newly implemented and totally 4000 words are available.
Weekly Toyo Keizai, oldest business magazine in Japan, featured Hatsuon-Hakase®App powered by SeePhony ®.

Koto’s original technology, SeePhony®, an assessment engine that specializes in English pronunciation, was adopted for Qubena, educational applications with AI for tablet users developed by Compass Inc.
【Press Release】
Kawaijuku Educational Institution, one of the three most prestigious college and university preparatory schools, and Compass Inc. worked together to develop one of Qubena’s applications which focuses on the four skills in English for Kawaijuku students.
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Based on Koto’s SeePhony®, Kawaijuku and Compass worked together to develop this AI educational material.  Students can learn the four essential English skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) through this AI-equipped educational application.  SeePhony® contributes to improving students’ listening and speaking abilities.  

Diamond Weekly featured Hatsuon-Hakase®App as one of “The most eco way to learn English” in their article “A 3-minute English study method via smartphone”, applauding Hatsuon-Hakase as a well-designed interface providing users speedy response through visualizing pronunciation mistakes.

Contact us for any enquires for SeePhony® licence details.