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「More fun for everyone」

Koto was established in 1996 in Kyoto. Believing in the ability to change adversity to fun and based on our long accumulated experience in “designing happiness” in the field of game developments, we create products which make the world all happier. 
What is a happy world? 
It should be:
 ・ A society stimulating intellectual curiosity
 ・ A society full of exciting experience and things
 ・ A society filled with happy faces

New discoveries excite every one of us!

Excitement brings joy - beautiful, interesting, touching experience or lovely things all excite our hearts.
Joy brings smiles and smiles bring tenderness to human kinds, synergizing positive thinking.
Koto wants to contribute a part in making a happier world. 

Why? Simply out of the reason that:

Our world is one made up of people, experience and things. 

Our ultimate goal is to make a world just a little better, to create more smiling faces, through happy experience and products.