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Digishot® Technology

Digishot® is an innovative technology which recognizes about a hundred patterns of unique ID codes on electrostatic capacitive touch panels of tablets or smartphones through the touch by simple block-shaped plastic input devices. Digishot® magnifies user's intuitive tangible fascinations in manipulating a virtual world behind the display by the means of a handy physical object. In addition, Digishot® for server, a server based recognition engine, enables detected ID codes to be exchanged and processed on the server and gather logs from users. Easily available as a handy stamp for smartphones or tablets, gathered logs and data allow a convenient access and approach to consumer research for various commercial purposes.
Digishot® is a patent-pending technology.

Application example

  • "Stamp for smartphones/tablets"
    To gather users' logs and data for consumer use.
  • "Input device"
    Just place, rotate, or slide the device on tablet screens will bring out a variety of effects.

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