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KOTO received the "Good Design Award 2007" and "Good Design Award 2013".
KOTO Co., Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

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Newly arrived information

2013/10/1"PIPEFRIENDS" is released.
2013/10/1PIPEANIMALS receives the "Good Design Award 2013"
2013/4/11About "Kanji-Math Miracle Touch"
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2013/4/1 About "English Smart Player"
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2012/11/19 "The Twin Obake and the Miracle Seed"
English ver. is released.
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2012/9/5 PIPEANIMALS is released.
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2012/4/2 Piperoids' orignal wallpapers are ready.
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2012/1/20 About "The Twin Obake and the Miracle Seed" Japanese ver. is released.
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2011/12/20 About "Monster Hamburger"
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2010/11/19 About "VOICE FANTASY"
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2010/3/31 About "Pengy & Stroy book"
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Press release

Japanese only
2013/10/4 Pipefriends was awarded "Good Design Award 2013".
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