Digishot ® is a new interface
which presents users with new experience in operating
the screens of smartphones and tablets.
Independent code assigned
to each input device enables
a variety of effects
Winding or angle-oriented movements are made possible
Device shape itself actually
“acts” on screen



Digishot recorded a more than 99% of detection accuracy after several tens of thousands times’ trials onto top-ranked popular smartphones and tablets in Japan
**Tests conducted on all iOS devices from iPhone 4S onwards. For android terminals, top-ranked popular models in Japan were used.

Digishot® works on both application and browser. It can be applied even to an existing application or browser.

You can adopt Digishot® just by installing Digishot® Recognition Engine into your existing iOS/Android application. This method provides a very convenient way to use Digishot® under an off-line environment as well.

By incorporating Digishot® Recognition Engine into a server, it is possible to use Digishot® via browser. With no need to install any particular app, Digishot® service can be enjoyed by any user at any time.

In the case of “digital-stamp” usage, it may even be possible to incorporate Digishot ® into your existing system in as short as just half a day’s time due to its compact structure.
No significant changes to an existing system needed. This enables a low-cost introduction at client’s side.

Reliable support

Koto’s Digishot ® engineer team provides full support to any Digishot ® Technology-related trouble-shooting from first to last.

Maintenance-free. Easy to handle.
Digishot ® Stamp itself requires no electricity nor battery.
It is fuss-free and relatively resistant to shock and dirt,
enabling minimal maintenance at retail shops.

Approximately 100 codes available accommodating clients’ needs

Clients can choose from around 100 different ID codes , making possible a simultaneous use of various stamp combinations.

Reliable material safety test results.
Safe to use.

The plastic material of Digishot ® Stamp complies
with Japan and EU Toy safety regulations,
guaranteeing a high reliability of material safety.


Stamps for Digishot ® are exclusively designed and made by Koto based on our expertise from toy development and manufacturing, a field demanding high quality standards. In addition to internal reliability tests, testing at a certified third party lab has also been implemented. Not only has the Stamp passed Toy Safety Standard in Japan, it complies also with the strictest EU Toy material requirements as well.

Comply with Japan Toy Safety Standard, ST part 1
A test verifying any potentials of causing injuries resulted
from dangerous tips or edges

Comply with Japan Toy Safety Standard, ST part 3
Test if any poisonous elements contained inside the materials used,
or any elution of heavy metals.

Comply with Food Sanitation Act in Japan
Laws regulating toys for children under 6, enacted by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan

Comply with European Standard for Toy Safety EN71-3
European toy safety standards with respect to material safety

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