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SeePhony® Technology

SeePhony® is an English pronunciation evaluation technology through comparing user's articulation with native speaker's sound models. Not only does it work on iOS, Android system and designated CPU, SeePhony® outshines other conventional pronunciation evaluation technology by displaying articulation and evaluation outputs in the form of phonetic symbols, not to mention its superb light processing load enabling very fast processing speed. Seehony® is co-developed by Koto and Sensory, Inc. an US pioneer in sound recognition technology.
SeePhony® is a patent-pending technology.

Based on SeePhony® technology, Koto released "Hatsuon Hakase", an English pronunciation evaluation app for iPhone/iPad/iPod. It enables users to compare their own recorded articulations with phonetic symbols (visually) as well as the sound models (auditorily).
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Characteristics of SeePhony®
• Easy to check the output visually as it displays phonetic symbols unit by unit in evaluations
• Light processing load enabling fast processing speed
• A stand-alone app. NO NEED for network connection when using

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