Theme --- Handcraft for grown-ups
Piperoid Characters is a series of easy-to-make handcraft kits, evolving from our knowhow in "Hinemos Kit" and enabling busy grown-ups to enjoy the fun of handcraft momentarily. No glue needed, all joints movable, pose it at your desk or let it carry your memo. "To create" is an indispensable act of human life but, unfortunately, we have less and less access to it --- the opportunity to create --- as we grow up. Piperoid Characters, handcrafts for grown-ups, is the best that you can find to enrich your life.

Piperoid receives the "Good Design Award 2007" from Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.

Sold in Japan only

Simple, but Deep
The ANIMALS series propose and present you a completely new style and experience in paper craft artwork. In each of the ANIMALS package, you will find 2 types of paper pipes differing in thickness. Just by putting these pipes together, you will create a very unique piece of animal figure.
What are the indispensable points to include so as to make this lion look undoubtedly real? Which body lines must be captured in order to best depict this penguin? Through subsequent quests of answers to all the questions alike, through weeks after weeks of trial and error, we are honored to witness the birth of the PIPEROID ANIMALS world, with you.

The ANIMALS received the "Good Design Award 2013" from Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.

Sold in Japan only

Hello Kitty joined the PIPEROID family. Reduced into a cute little mascot which you can hold in your hands.
"Self-made" nurtures love
Self-decorated photo albums, stitched stuffed dolls....Things made by yourself somehow look more adorable than others. Only because we made them by our own hands, we cherish them more and longer.
"2 in 1"
One package, two characters, doubled fun! The FRIENDS series is a comparatively handy version which pays much attention to the easiness in assembling the pieces, enabling not only busy adults but also little kids to enjoy fully the moments of handcrafting.

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Hinemos Kit

Used leaflets and flyers can be changed into material for enjoyable paper works. "Hinemos Kit" is an entertaining, educational and ecological paper handicraft kit which offers a completely new style of handicraft. Customers can make paper pipes with their own materials such as used wrapping paper, leaflets, flyers and Origami paper. Paper pipes rolled in the "Hinemos Kit" are easy to cut and bend, and then it is possible to create a variety of works.
"Think" "Use hands" "Make a shape" This Kit provides us with the setting for being creative, which is becoming rarer and rarer in the modern world.

The "Hinemos Kit" was awarded a prize by the Hobby Association of Japan in 2004 and the following year, it was certified as "Good Toy" by the NPO "Japan Good Toy Committee".
This product is discontinued.

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