Our vision and philosophy

Our vision and philosophy

Make the whole world entertaining:
To bring something fun into the world, we need first to enjoy ourselves at work. To act out what we believe, KOTO was founded in 1996. We work towards realizing our corporate motto" Enjoy your job"



Find joy in tough circumstances

Planning and developing a new product is not a smooth and simple process. It is full of "trial and errors" and all sorts of troubles and difficulties. But we know how to enjoy all these tasks... imagine the joy of fulfillment waiting ahead after the long and hard process.

Challenge, enjoy and make the most of them.


Not to be complacent about the current situation

We are proud to be the creator of "WonderSwan" but KOTO is not content just with our past achievements. We always start new projects from scratch. KOTO is forever evolving.


In times of difficulties, we break away from conventional thinking.

We think that elements of entertainment are not confined to the times when we play. If study and work could be transformed into something fun, everybody would be able to live more happily. It is our desire to find the break through there.

View things from a different aspect


Live with a broad vision and a positive thinking, and there will joy!

Shining smiles of our customers have always been our courage and fuel to overcome all the pain and problems in tasks. We get our driving force from customer's satisfaction.

We believe joy is in every unexpected corner of life.

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