Biography of President & CEO

Biography of President & CEO

Kazuhiro Kubota
Graduated from Osaka University, School of Science
1985: He joined the Semiconductor Operation Unit of NEC Corporation and worked there for 15 years. He gained his expertise in the development and marketing of graphics chips for personal computers, architecture designs of the Windows-based accelerator, custom-made graphics chips for major game makers, and single chip design for WindowsCE. He was also responsible for the research project to develop devices for electronic books.
1999: He became the product manager of the Semiconductor Operation Unit. Feeling time has matured to further pursue what he had wanted to do, he decided to leave NEC in the same year and took up the position of development manager of KOTO CO., Ltd., conducting projects developing IC chips for hand-held games.
2000: He became one of the directors in September.
2001: He assumed the position of President and CEO of KOTO in July. Since then, he has dedicated himself to lead KOTO into developing products that range from "analogue" to "digital" which are all to make the world entertaining.
About him: From his early childhood, he has been a railroad buff. He still keeps saying that he was a steam locomotive itself in his previous life. He put his heart into basketball in his teens and later got absorbed in musical activities as a band member. When preparing for his graduation thesis, he had been deeply involved in the research of the 8bit personal computer with 6809 and started his career in the computer world. In spare time, he still enjoys playing basketball and playing guitar, and drums.

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