Message from the President and CEO

KOTO Co., Ltd.
President and CEO:
Kazuhiro Kubota

KOTO Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 by GUNPEI YOKOI, a leading game developer in NINTENDO until 1996. He put out a variety of home-entertainment products for Nintendo. "Ultra Hand", "Love Tester", "Light Ray Gun SP", "Tenbillion", "Game Watch" and "GAME BOY" ranging from analogue to digital products.

Striving to keep alive his concept, KOTO has always been a company to make the whole world entertaining. We have always been searching for seeds of amusement even in adverse situations, always from the perspective as a professional in the entertainment industry. Imagine if a patient could use a virtual labyrinth game installed in his/her piece of walking rehabilitation equipment, that painful rehabilitation work would have suddenly become an enjoyable experience!

KOTO inherits its genes from GUNPEI YOKOI's concept and works to realize his philosophy to produce amusement products. We believe enjoying our everyday work is the best approach to create unique and amusing products and hence we put up our company motto as "Enjoy your job", giving much attention to create a more fun environment for more fun work.

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